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Make the Hand Pointer icons opaque, not transparent

I often use the Hand Pointer icon to show where users will click in a mockup. Sadly, the icon is transparent (as are all the related hand icons, like “Hand Outlined Up”). This makes no sense. This is used to simulate the Mac hand pointer, which is most definitely not see-through.

This flaw makes this otherwise very useful icon less useful, since I have to carefully position it each time so that viewers don’t notice the transparency. Sometimes that’s not possible (as with the Create New User button top-right in the attached mockup).

I would have suggested you add the option for transparency vs. opaque, but I literally can’t imagine a single application for this icon where transparency would be desired. Thanks for listening!

(See attached image—how many hand icons can you find?)

Hi @jmatazzoni,

Thanks for the well-considered request. I have formally added your feedback to our feedback tracking.

I am sure that you’ve probably already worked this out but, if you have a suitable image file, you can work around this by adding the image to your project. See: Using Images and Assets

Aside from the up-front work required to find and add a suitable image, you can then conveniently add the image to your canvas by filtering the UI Library to display your Assets:

Not as ideal as being able to alter the opacity/fill of the built-in Icons but hopefully you can make that work.