Making a previously created balsamiq page become 'background' to new page, but in a more 'transparent' version


I’ve created a page with a bunch of images that can be selected. When they select one, I’d like the next ‘page’ to look just like the original page (with all the same images) but have it as a translucent version of that page. A sort of washed out version. Then the selected image appears, larger, front and center in the middle. But you can see the other images from where it was chosen in the background.


Hey @magic

That’s a really interesting idea - I like the way it sounds.

While there isn’t a way to do that within Mockups 3 for Desktop, you could export your mockup to a PNG, import it into an image editing program, turn down its opacity, and then re-export it. Using that PNG as the background should achieve the effect you’re looking for.

Let me know if that is a workable solution for you. :slight_smile:


Thanks. That makes sense. I’m not super technical, nor do I have that kind of software for photo editing, so this time I’m ok just forsaking this step and overlaying the translucent thing and just making a note that it would be like that. But I get what the process would be. Thanks


@magic Try to use the technique, I’ve pictured: