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Making sitemap- Hierarchy

Hello everyone,
I am making a sitemap diagram and using “tab” to make child/parent relationship between wireframes - the Hierarchy.
However the levels of the hierarchy seem limited. I mean after making the 6th generation wireframe of a parent wireframe, I can make any other generation. The level of the hierarchy stops at the 6th generation.
Is there any way to make unlimited generations fro wireframe ?
Thank you.

Hi @Nhi_Huynh and thanks for reaching out about this.

I’ve just replied to your email but wanted to share the reply here as well.

Unfortunately, there is no way to add more sub-levels for now but I’m adding your vote for adding more.

You’re not the first person to ask about this one so we’ll talk about it some more with the team.

We’ll be here if you need anything else.