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Managing the column legths and hyperlinks in grids

First, I am a returning user to Balsamiq from a few years’ release back. Some things are different. I am having trouble specifying the column width in grids and adding clickable hyperlinks within a grid. Also, is there a resource for learning about manipulating the data in grids available (e.g. code shortcuts)?

Hi @sbowling and welcome to the forums!

There’s a doc with some specific help for the Data Grid control here: Advanced Controls (Data Grid, Sitemap, Tree Pane)

It covers both specifying individual width and alignment options for each Data Grid column as well as adding links to text.

Do you want to review that and get back to us with any questions on either of those - or indeed any aspect of Balsamiq?

Absolutely! Thanks!

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That was awesome. How about changing the vertical alignment within a row?

Hello @sbowling,

Unfortunately there’s no vertical alignment property in the Data Grid but you can work around it by adding a blank line (\r) before or after your text to adjust the position in a row e.g.


Not as ideal as having it built in but maybe that works for you?