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Manual save behavior


Today I noticed some interesting behavior when using the manual save option. If I open up a project, make a change, then use Undo to reverse the change, I am still prompted to save changes when I close the project. I also noticed that “edited” shows in the title bar after using Undo.

Typically I would expect the application to not see any data change after un-doing the changes. Was the manual save designed this way or would this be considered a bug?

Btw, I really like the manual save feature. It allows me to save to our network drives without creating conflicts or losing changes when replication occurs.


Totally, Russ. The logic we use for the manual save stuff is fairly basic right now.

It’s something we may look at again after we have the native apps ready. :slight_smile:

Thanks, as always, my friend!


I’m not sure if this is the right place to do so, but I’d like to make a suggestion for the Automatic / Manual save thing :slight_smile:

So what I noticed, is that I really like automatic saving while actually working on something new, but really hate it when I open a mockup just to fool around (like, deleting elements for a temporary PNG export). I tried switching to the new manual save feature for this reason, but since you successfully made me get used to not having to press CTRL+S all the time, it feels a bit scary (like “oh gosh, I didn’t save for like an hour”), even though you supposedly have a nice auto-save-backup thing as far as I know (I didn’t really try that so far).

So what I’d really like is something in-between: don’t turn on auto-saving right away on documents I open – but after manually saving for the first time, offer turning on auto saving for that document in that session only. If you know CodePen, this is kinda the way it behaves. (They had to make this right as CodePen is just as much for fooling around with tentative changes as it is for building things, and I really like the system they came up with. They even notify you if you make a significant amount of changes without saving, like “hey, shouldn’t we switch on auto-saving for you?”)

It would be so awesome to have this in Mockups too :slight_smile:


Hey @Daniel_Kis-Nagy,

That’s an interesting way to do autosaving. I worry that it would confuse users, but it’d be interesting to try!

The good news is that Mockups already works like that (in a weird way).

When you open a file that has autosave disabled (and start working on it), Mockups is still autosaving all your changes to its backup file. This autosave is never disabled. The only time it is removed is if you use the reload from disk option in the Project Menu.

So, in essence, the functionality you are looking for already exists in Mockups in a roundabout way. If you forget to save a file, Mockups has a backup of your changes.

It’s Schrödinger’s Autosave - both saving and not saving at the same time. :slight_smile: