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Markups with Symbol Source and Mockup view


Hi, My main issue is the collection of requirements (notes) with relation to their Markup. I have a symbol that is reused many times in the overall design. When I try grouping the Requirements on a specific Symbol I have my markups and then notes to complement them. When I return to the Mockup where they are used, the tool is not smart enough to leave the markups behind in the symbol properties. Instead every screen I see the symbol the same static markups exist, which takes away from the mockup.

Can there be a setting or general use where the markup in a symbol is not shown in the Mockup that calls it? I don’t see the point in carrying it forward. Basically the same as if you were to present the mockup and the markups disappear, the same should happen when the symbol is called.



Hi @JKoscik and thanks for reaching out today. :slight_smile:

It sounds like you are using a lot of Markup elements in your symbols. Have you tried using the Hide Markup feature, as detailed here?

In case that’s not what you look for, could you please share a screenshot to better illustrate your need?

Feel free to reach out directly via email if that’s easier for you. We’d love to help as much as we can.