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Mask mode in Mockups?


Hi !

I would like to know if there were a “mask mode” in Mockups 3 like there is one in Microsoft Powerpoint to make the background of the slides all the same

Thanks !



Hey again Max!

We don’t have a background mask in Mockups, but there is a workaround for it.

You could create a template mockup with either a Shape or Symbol that covers the background, and then clone that mockup whenever you need a new one. A symbol might be better, in this case, because it would allow changes to be reflected across all the mockups.

Let me know if that works for you. I’d be happy to walk you through it! :smiley:


Actually, I wanted to make a kind of menu on the left of my mockups, and the links are more and more numerous and not finished until my last Mockup is created (because there will be a link to it in the menu). It means at the end (and it’s never the end :wink: ) of my project, I have to copy and paste my final menu to all mockups… not very efficient !

A bout this menu, is there a way in Mockups to minimize it in order to gain room on the page when I dont need it and make it appear when I need ?


It sounds like if you make that menu a symbol ( you would be able to update the source, and then all the instances of that menu would update dynamically. You can also flag it as markup ( and that would allow you to hide it when it’s in the way.

Let me know if that is more what you are looking for :smile:


Hi guys,

STRONG request for masking here. My workflow with Balsamiq involves me covering up the edges of my canvas with borderless white rectangles, exporting, dragging into Photoshop, and then into a prototyping program. Every time I notice in the prototype that I need to change something, I have to repeat the process of trimming the image in Photoshop. Been missing a masking feature for about 5 years.



That sounds like a pain, @Casey_Weeks. I’m sorry about that.

I’ll bring this up with the dev team again and see if it’s something we want to look into implementing.

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