Master Wireframe Changes reproduced in other Wireframes

I’m working on a project that has a master header template that should be available in all other wireframes. My question is: Is there a way that when I make a change to the master header, all other wireframes will change respectively?

Hi @Mufida123

Thanks for the post and for the question. While we don’t have a template feature as such, you could achieve what you need using our Symbols feature.

In short, Symbols are grouped controls that can be added, etc. as a single element. If you make a change to the main ‘source’ Symbol, the change is reflected in all wireframes using the Symbol.

Give it a go and get back to us with any issues or questions?

Here is a quick video to explain:

Hi alasdair,

Thank you for the reply. Very helpful as always. I really appreciate it.


Hi alasdair,

I just have another question regarding this. Is there a way to reproduce the symbol in other Wireframes that are already created before creating the symbol?

Hi @Mufida123

If you have controls in existing wireframes that you’d like to turn into Symbols you can do that right in your regular wireframes view. See: Creating Symbols in the Wireframes View

Or, you can switch to our Symbols view/editor and create them there: Creating Symbols in the Symbols View

Hope that makes sense.

@alasdair I believe I have this issue as well, but I’m looking for the template feature.
I have a single ‘design system’ wireframe file that stores all the symbols.
I have individual files for each application area that represent the current screens/functionality.

When we update the symbol in the ‘design system’ I want to push/propagate the changes to the individual file(s). I’ve tried copying the symbols over before and it just seems to duplicate the symbol within the file, which isn’t what I want.

Hi @dforward ,

It’s important to stress that we don’t have a template feature as such, but it is possible to use the Symbols feature to get close to that idea.

I can’t quite picture what you’re describing when you say “update the symbol in the ‘design system’” so I think we need to take a look at your project. Could you drop a line to and let us know that name of the specific project in question and we’ll figure out what is going on.

We’ll stand by here until we see your email.