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Menu Bar Improvements


Not sure this will be done for Mockups 3, since you’re working on a new version, but it would be nice if the Menu Bar component had the following features.

  • The ability to set the background color. Our main menu bar is black, but the Menu Bar component has a white-ish/grey color.
  • The ability to set the text color. Based on the above change, it would be nice to set the textcolor to white, so it contrasts with the black menu bar.
  • The ability to show a drop down arrow indicating a drop down menu. This could be done either by typing a " v" at the end of each menu text, but a better way would be to simply show a drop down arrow toggle next to each item in the Links section.



Hi @CMT,

Thanks for the post and for these great suggestions.

You’re right that we’re looking to the future with the upcoming new, native versions of our desktop apps.

I have added your feedback to our internal tracking - thanks so much for taking the time to help us improve Balsamiq Wireframes!

All the best,