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Menu ---- Symbol

I have to build an horizontal menu manually (with a rectangle and some icons). Each icon will call a separate wireframe. I need to put this menu on several wireframes.
Do I need to create this menu on each wireframe?

I just create an example with a rectangle containing 2 icons, each icon links a separate wireframe.
Now, how can I use this menu in more than one wireframe? seems like I am not able to convert it to a Symbol

Have you converted it to a group @simple45? You have to group all the elements together, and then the option to convert it to a symbol should appear.

Thanks Brendan.

But if I convert into a group, I am no longer able to modify the link of each of the icons of a group?

You should be able to, @simple45, you just have to double click to enter the symbol. You’ll know you’re inside the symbol if you have this little modal window:

Thanks Brendan. Let me try a gain.