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Menu widget layout


I am using the “menu” widget, and I would like to control the width of the columns, similar to the datagrid widget. My goal is to allow for some extra spacing on the right-hand-side so I can put a “scrollbar” widget with it. I did try using the curl notation (like the datagrid), but that did not work. Any suggestions?

Thank you!


Hi, Jeremy. The Menu control doesn’t provide options for adjusting the width of the columns or adding space or padding. But the scrollbar should be able to sit right next to the control, if that’s what you’re after.

Would that work, or are you looking for something different?


Hi Mike,

Thank you for the prompt reply. I ended up taking this approach as well.

I was hoping there was a way to add a bit of space between the right-hand-side text, and the right side of the menu. For example, on the first line of your example where you have “Open, CTRL+O”, the CTRL+O is right-justified to the right side of the menu box. I believe this makes sense for a Menu widget for the purpose it was designed. I am using the Menu widget for a different purpose; and perhaps I need to switch to using the Tree Pane widget. Do you happen to know if the Tree Pane widget supports text L/C/R controls?

Thank you again!

– Jeremy