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MIME Type on Mac Balsamiq Version 4

The MIME type associated with a BMPR file on a Mac is “vnd.balsamiq.bmpr” as opposed to “application/vnd.balsamiq.bmpr”.

When I upload a file via a web browser the MIME type will be incorrectly identified.

Is this something that can be fixed in Balsamiq or is it something relating to how the Mac handles Balsamiq’s MIME type?

This is the IANA entry for the MIME type:

It looks like just the subtype is being passed through rather than type/subtype.

Oh interesting, @paulshoughton. We will get it fixed.

Forgive my ignorance, but what kind of issues would this cause? Uploading it somewhere could break the association with the app?

Hi @Brendan,


It manifests in Mac OS with the “Kind” column being empty in Finder. (We think.)

When uploading a file to a service via a web browser the MIME type of the file will be incorrectly “announced”. Whether that causes problems in the service depends upon what it does with the file.

Our software uses a combination of file name and MIME type to identify a file. Whilst we can handle incorrect MIME types, when it is corrected it will cause problems with file replacement/revision. So it would be helpful if it were fixed sooner rather than later. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Paul. That makes sense.

It should be fixed in next week’s release. I’m sorry again for any trouble it has caused you in the interim, my friend.

I think that’s 3 Paul bugs that are fixed in the next release? :slight_smile:

Might be a record!

Great news about the forthcoming release.

Thank you for the excellent support. :slight_smile:

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The update is out, @paulshoughton. You can grab it here,

It should fix all the issues you reported, but please let me know if not. :slight_smile:

I can confirm the MIME type is correct in version 4.0.26.

Thanks all at Balsamiq for getting this fixed. :slight_smile:

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