Balsamiq Community Discussion

Misc questions (Mostly about potential new features)


Hey there! Loving Balsamiq for Desktop so far. Had a few questions that aren’t particularly important, but I wanted to know what the changes were of these sorts of things getting looked at:

  1. Will guide lines ever be added to Balsamiq? Usually they’re not necessary with the guides which appear as you’re moving objects around, but they’d be useful just to set up the layout in advance!
  2. The gold guide lines highlight when one object is a certain pre-set distance from another object. I love this feature, but: I don’t know what the distance is (10px, perhaps?), and I’d like the ability to set this default distance (For example if objects are closer to one another in our software than Balsamiq’s defaults.
  3. General re-sizing of items would be great, where it’s not allowed. For example, certain fields (Text fields) have default heights that cannot be changed. Also, checkboxes can have their text/label size changed,but then the checkbox doesn’t change to match, and our software uses LARGE checkboxes. Obviously I could use a symbol, but this is a bit more fiddly than being able to change the size of check boxes. Even just a new object which is a large checkbox would solve the issue!


Hi @ahobday, so glad that the software is working well for you. Here are my answers:

  1. Guide lines. This is on our list for consideration in the future. No ETA, although it’s not planned soon.
  2. Smart guides. These are not customizable now. We’ll consider that when we look at improving the guides in general. By the way, they are 15px away right now. :smile:
  3. Resizing items. We have planned for the future some work on controls, although this is a lower priority for us currently. Most of the controls that can’t be resized are that way because they are actually bitmap images. We have plans in the future as well to make the product vector-based, and then this kind of thing is much easier.

Sorry I don’t have any better news for you right away!