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Missing Balsamiq updates, any way to notify?


I know you’re not able to auto-update or alert us in Balsamiq of new releases with your current platform. But is there any way to be alerted? For example is there an RSS that would trigger when you update your release page? Or perhaps you already do this on twitter and I’m just not aware of it? (Hopes).

I keep forgetting to check and missing out on releases. I’d love to set something up with IFTTT to email me when a new release comes out.


Totally understand, @RaeHanley. We are trying to make our updates more visible to users.

Our Twitter and Facebook accounts announce every release with the [Release] tag, so that may work with IFTTT.

We’ve also started a thread for current releases (you should see it pinned to the top of the forum) Current Release of Mockups 3 for Desktop: 3.5.15. We will update that whenever a new release goes out, and we hope it will help raise awareness about the current version of Mockups.

While we can’t do automatic updates/notifications, we would love to implement any other ideas folks have. Release awareness is really important to us, and we want to do better.

Thanks again for starting this conversation, Rae. We should have asked earlier if there were other avenues we could use to get the word out. Let’s see if we can come up with some other ideas :slight_smile:


I just thought of it too. Funny how you can suffer for over a year and not think of a simpler solution for the longest time. Getting the current version and knowing why has always been a challenge.

I did notice your pinned thread just today? Couldn’t remember if it was new and I thought about just using that. But I forget to check this forums for weeks on end. I’ll keep and eye on it for sure. It’ll be a good way to know what is new.

Sadly looking through IFTTT their twitter hookup is pretty simplistic. You can only grab all tweets by a specific user. Thinking through the flow, I’ll probably set it up to send me an email every time you tweet and then have gmail filter out the ones that have [Release] in the title to star or something. It will at least work for now to let me know via email when a new release is.


Darn. I missed two releases, I didn’t see any tweets with [Release], but over the holidays, that easily could be my mistake.

I do notice that the forums here still read 3.3.3 when that’s no longer true. As of today it appears to be 3.3.5.



Actually we released 3.3.4 (and 3.3.5 to fix few bugs) today @RaeHanley!

Just updated the forums pinned thread accordingly (Thanks for the reminder :slight_smile: ).


Oh! Hahaha. I assumed that I had missed them since there were two!

Also, for future folks who read this thread, I finally read the Download page and noticed that you can sign up for release only email and rss updates there. I wasn’t aware of this at the time I started this thread, but I don’t think it’s new. So I’ve signed up over there like a normal person.