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Missing links in pdf from symbols


Hi, I just upgraded from version 2.2 and when I export the links that are inside of a user created symbol dont show up in the pdf. When I export from 2.2 they do show up. Is there something I need to do special?

The links from buttons and other regular links show up find, it only seems to be the ones inside of my user created symbols that dont work.


Hi @Joel_Nylund,

Sorry for the hassle with this!

Let’s try to figure out what’s causing it on your side:

Links should be imported without any issue so please let us know if the issue persists, we’ll dig deeper!


Do you mean assets? Yes, I see the assets folder in the old 2.2 folder and it has a symbols.bmml file.

I imported the whole folder. The links are there in balsamiq and work no problem. Only issue is when I export them to pdf.


Yes exactly, sorry about the typo. :smile:

Would you mind sharing your BMPR file with us at so that we can try to reproduce the issue here? We will keep your data in the strictest confidence and only long enough to try to debug your issue.

Also, could you detail in the email the options you select when exporting to PDF?

Sorry for the hassle, we’ll get to the bottom of it!


Sure, done, thanks a ton!