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Missing Mockups in the list (text or thumbnails)



I’m using Blasmiq Mockups 3.4.4 on Windows. My PC has 16 GB RAM and I would like to merge two project files with together more than 100 mockups. The problem is that when I reach 98 mockups, than the new one will not be shown in the mockup list (text and thumbnail list the same). When I try to import them a secend time a message comes up that tells me that the current mockup already exists. Now I can skip the mockup or replace it. If I replace the mockup, it will appear in the mockup list. But now another mockup that was listed before is missing. The number of mockups seams to be limited to 98 mockups.

Is there any way to solve this?

Thanks a lot for help.
Regards Georg



Sorry for the trouble with this.

While there is no limitation in the number of mockups you can have in a single project, it sounds like you have reached the limits regarding the memory allocated by Adobe AIR for our tool. This might be due to the complexity of the mockups and having multiple projects opened at the same time.

Would you mind sharing the related files via so that I can have a look for you and try to merge the needed data? We’ll keep your data strictly confidential and only long enough to try to debug your issue.

On a side note, the native version of our tool that we are preparing should help with this kind of issue in the future. :slight_smile: