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There is {Mockup-Name} but nothing for the name of the mockup alternative. I have lots of mockups with several alternatives each to show content within different tabs etc (perhaps that is not the best solution?). I have the browser control title set to the mockup name but the alternative mockup name would be more helpful. I usually have all the sidebars hidden and rely on keyboard shortcuts. When the sidebars are hidden there’s nothing to say what mockup or alternative your looking at.

Would like to hear any suggestions or if not create a feature request.


This is an interesting thought, @tivalent.

We do show you what mockup you’re in on the app’s title bar:



But it’s still something that might be helpful. What do you think about maybe {Mockup-Current-Name} that would display the name of the current alternate? That would work in situations where you have multiple alternates.

Let me know what you think. :slight_smile:


Hi Brendan, that would be awesome. Didn’t notice the application title bar somehow but I do now. I think the browser control’s title bar is more visible still since it is part of the mockup. The naming you suggested looks fine to me :slight_smile:




I will pass it along to the devs, Tim. Thanks for bringing this up, my friend. If there is anything else you think of, don’t hesitate to let us know. :slight_smile: