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Mockup Delete Undo


I create an ‘alternate’ version of the mockup, but decided against it, tried to delete the alternate version and it deleted the whole mockup, original included.

Now I realise my mistake of not saving is entirely my fault, but we all fall into that trap once in a while.

But it was to my horror that I could not ‘undo’ the mistake. The ability to undo almost any action should be standard?

Still like the platform, my issue would have been avoided had I saved, but it would be nice to as a user that my mistakes don’t completely punish me.


Hey JJ, I’m sorry that the whole Mockup got deleted, but I may have good news!

In Mockups 3, if you click on the “View” menu, you’ll find “Trash”. Clicking on that should bring up Mockups’ internal trash bin. Your mockup may be in there. More details here

As for deleting Alternates (without deleting the mockup) it is definitely possible. There is a way to discard an alternate by selecting it from the alternate’s drop down menu. You can find more info here (Note: Discarding an alternate deletes it forever - it doesn’t go to the trash)

Let me know if you are able to restore your Mockup, JJ, and if you have any further issues.

Happy Wireframing!


Thank you Brendan, restoring from the trash did the trick. Which puts my mind at ease. Like I say it was entirely my own fault and I do not blame the platform, but it would be nice for that to be accessible by an ‘undo action’.
But no harm done! Thank you for the quick response