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Mockup doesn't fit the page - other sharing options (?)


I need to present and share the site map with my team but when I try exporting it the Pdf shows only half of it. Would appreciate any advise regarding sharing option and how to make the sitemap fit the page.



Hi @AdiHila!

Are you using the most recent version of Mockups 3 – Version 3.1.2? You can download the most recent release here:

This version of Mockups 3 has enhanced “Export to PDF” features, such as “Shrink to fit a page” (see image below) which may solve your problem. :smile:


Thanks Keith! :smile: Tried that and it cut it in half. Got an email from support saying they can only export up to a certain size. The only workaround is to split the site map into multiple pieces and they are working on a vertical sitemap, which should use space more efficiently.

Do you know how I could share the sitemap with my team online? I didn’t see any sharing options…


That’s a bummer. :disappointed:

The only option I can think of will require a tiny bit of work on your teams end.

You could send them the whole project file (.bmpr file) along with a link to download Mockups 3 to open the file:

They will be able to go full-screen and click around or view the mockups in the editor. During the 30 day trial period they’ll be able to make changes and save them. When the trial expires, they won’t be able to save but they’ll still be able to view them.

Hope this workaround helps for now! :smile:


It does. Hopefully they will come up with a better solution for this soon. Thanks!