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Mockup overwrites all text on Confluence page after edit/save/close


I have recently started using Balsamiq plug-in with Confluence and am experiencing issues after editing a mock-up. My Confluence page has text and multiple mock-ups throughout the page. After I edit, save, and close one of the mock-ups, only the one mock-up (the one I just edited) sits at the top of the page by itself — all other text and mock-ups are removed. The issue is intermittent. I am using the Microsoft Edge browser on Windows 10.

My work-around has been to Export Mockup XML and import it into a brand new mock-up which will always be correctly saved in the intended position on the Confluence page (below the supporting text).

Any suggestions? Thanks!


Hi @cbocciolatt,

So sorry for the snag! Hope you didn’t loose any data because of this one.

I can’t seem to reproduce this on my end using the same configuration (Windows 10/Edge).

Are you able to identify any steps that lead to the issue? E.g. editing the first mockup or the last one, any specific action…

Also, if you are seeing the issue again, could you maybe send us a screenshot to so we can dig this deeper?

Sorry again for the trouble with this, we’ll do our best to get this sorted!


Fortunately no data has been lost! Confluence allows me to close and discard any changes before it overwrites anything (also allows for the page to be reverted to a prior version even if I did save it).

I am having trouble figuring out any steps that lead to the issue. It does not matter which mock-up I am editing and I have also messed around with the placement of the cursor prior to selecting ‘edit’ — I made sure there was a blank text row before and/or after the mock-up with no luck. I even tried placing the mock-up within a table row, but the same issue occurred. Sometimes it works correctly, sometimes it doesn’t, and I cannot see a pattern!

I’ll send over some screenshots.


I have not had any issues since I started using Mozilla Firefox (or Chrome) browser with Flash player installed. Thanks for the help @Virgin !