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Mockup partitions



Is there a way to create partitions? eg a sidebar that can be used throughout your mockups so when you make a change it is reflected throughout, instead of having to change every mockup?




Hi Chris.

You can use Symbols for that:

Group a bunch of elements, give a name to it. And select “Convert to symbols”

This is a very powerful feature, as you can actually then reuse this by copying it or adding it over quick add with its name.

Important thing:

  • If you double click the symbol to edit it, you will only edit this instance. So yes it lets you override the symbol (great for example for Navigations to indicate the active navigation element.
  • To edit the symbol source that will change all other instances you double click the symbold then click on the edit button in the additional pane that opens.

Hope that helps!


Exactly what i’m after Roland, thank you!!