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Mockups 3 and myBalsamiq integration


Good morning mockup gurus.

We have started using myBalsamiq to collaborate with stakeholders and our development staff. When I have changes in my Mockups 3 projects and want to update the projects on myBalsamiq I have been deleting the existing myBalsamiq projects and then uploading a new set of project zip files. From what I have read, it looks like this is currently the only method to update entire projects. Are there any plans to provide a way to update or replace an entire project in myBalsamiq?

**Note: My current Mockup 3 projects are “complex” using multiple symbols with links and other overrides that are not as easy to edit/update in myBalsamiq.


Hey @Russ!

While that’s the best way to make sure everything is up-to-date, there are a couple other ways to go about updating mockups on myB.

Inside that exported zip file is a collection of V2 (and therefore, myBalsamiq) mockup files. Assuming you haven’t added asset or symbol elements to the project (which you could also upload separately), you could rename the .bmml file (Home Page.bmml becomes Home Page v2.bmml) and upload it as a separate mockup.

There is even a level deeper than that, if you are feeling crafty. The BMML is basically just a text file filled with XML. If you opened a BMML in a text editor, and copied the code, you could paste it directly into the myBalsamiq editor using PROJECT—>Import Mockup XML

The second approach would paste the mockup on top of whatever the current mockup is, so you would want to delete the original before pasting. This method has the added benefit of maintaining a complete project history, with all mockup versions in one place.

But neither of those solutions are particularly graceful, and I’m sorry about that. A better way is coming!

Let me know if I can help you implement anything here, or if you run into any problems :smiley:


Thanks Brendan. I will give these two methods a try and see how they work out.