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Mockups 3 for Desktop / Mockups 3 for Google Drive



I am new at this and building a website for the first time. I started with Mockups 3 for Desktop but your trial has expired.
Now I need to buy a license for Desktop or maybe use Mockups 3 for Google Drive.

Are there any differences between the 2 in terms of features ?

Can I use the wireframes I did on Mockups 3 for Desktop in Mockups 3 for Google Drive ?

I read that “updating from any version of Mockups for Desktop to Mockups 3 for Desktop is free. Minor-version updates are also free (so 3.2, 3.3, etc.). There are no maintenance or renewal costs in order to keep using the software. Major-version updates will have an additional cost. As updates are not required, you will be able to continue to use version 3 if you don’t wish to purchase a major version update”.But what is the cost for a new version 4 ? 89$ ?

I read too that Mockups 3 for Desktop has no maintenance or renewal costs for the license. The maintenance is always free ?

For Mockups 3 for Google Drive, maintenance and update are included in 5$/month ? And for a new version 4 is it free ?

Can I try Mockups 3 for Google Drive with the 30 days trial ?

Mockups 3 for Google Drive and Balsamiq for Google Drive are the same things ?

Thank you very mutch !


Hi there!

It’s Anna from Balsamiq Sales and I’m happy to help answer all your questions.

I hope you don’t mind me going in order, so that way I won’t miss any of your questions.

Both products are very similar. The main difference is that Mockups 3 for Google Drive stores your project files in Google Drive and has real-time collaboration available. That being said, we have just released a brand new version: Balsamiq Wireframes for Google Drive! This one is native (no more Flash needed), faster and has a lot of new features you might like

Yes you can and it’s all explained here:

At the moment we haven’t reached a decision on how much version 4 will cost. There could be a small cost involved in upgrading to the new version and any updates, as soon as we have them, will be available on our website:

That’s correct:

For Balsamiq Wireframes for Google Drive, the same principale is applied as in the older version: all maintenance and updates are included in the monthly or yearly subscription.

We’d love you to try out the product and you can start a 30 day trial from here:

Have a look at my first reply as it should also apply to this question.

I hope this covers everything but if you need anything else, you can also reach us at



Hi Hanna !

Thank you very mutch for your answer.

I worked all the day on Balsamiq for Google Drive with the 30 days trial and now I have this message.
I do not know what to do and I can’t open Balsamiq on my Google Drive et can’t work.

Can you help me please ?

Thank you very mutch !



And this message too.

Thank you.


Sorry about that @chicKat!

Let’s try this: Completely log out of your Google Accounts, log back in, and see if you can access it then. If you’re still getting this error, let us know, and we will dig deeper.


Hi Brendan !

I did that when I had the message and it did work.
Now I restarted my computerbut I’ve the same message :
“Unexpected exceptionAn unknown problem occurred while retrieving token - Error 0”.

I can uninstall the application on Chrome and install again …

Thank you !


We are looking into it right now @chicKat. Seems we have hit some sort of limit on Google’s side. We will get it resolved as soon as we can.

It sounds like you are using the Desktop app too, is that right? If you need a new trial license so you can keep working on the file while we fix the issue, please let me know. I can get you one ASAP.

Thanks for your patience here, @chicKat, we really appreciate it.


@chicKat We should be back up and running!

Let me know if you continue to see issues. :slight_smile:


Hi Brendan !

I’m so happy, it works !

Thank you very mutch for your help.

Can you tell me what was the problem ?

Have a good day !


Hi @chicKat,

The issue was on our end, we needed to update some admin information for this new major version (Balsamiq Wireframes for Google Drive) we launched a few days ago.

Sorry again for the hassle and thanks for the report!

We’ll be here to help if you need anything! :slight_smile:


Hi Virgin !

Thank you very mutch for your help ! I really appreciate it.

Have a good day ! :slight_smile: