Mockups 4, when is it coming?


Sure thing, thanks @mtaki14!


Can you please add me as well? For Mac. Thank you :slight_smile:


I’d love to be on the beta wait list as well!


You’re added @phonk!

@wichase, are you a macOS or Windows user? Let me know and I’ll get you added.




You’re added to the list @wichase!


There’s a Beta waitlist! - Sign me up! I’m super excited to see where you guys are going with a native platform app.

  • OSX
  • Sierra
  • Multiple monitors RegPPI & HiDPI (looking for a fix since Adobe Air is gone! :expressionless:)


I think, maybe, you can offer a discount for who want to purchase v3, to get more afordable the transition to $$$ v4, I try v3 desktop for 6 days and i want a license, since I’m new on mockups and a solo developer the cloud version it’s not so necessary to me, but i stop the purchase of v3 by the expectation for v4 soon release. I’m a spanish speaker user.


Hola Julio - pricing for Balsamiq Wireframes for Desktop has not been defined yet, but we do know that there will be a cost to upgrade from v3 (and older versions) to Balsamiq Wireframes for Desktop. The idea is to offer the upgrade at a lower cost than purchasing a new license at full price. Once we have a more defined plan, we’ll update this info on our website. If it helps, we can offer a trial key, just send us a message to


If there’s a list for beta trial of v4 for Mac desktop, I’d like to join in for that.


Added, Craig :slight_smile:


Seconding the “please add me to the beta list” sentiments here. I gave Mockups a shot months ago and enjoyed it more than the other tools I tried, but I’ve been putting off buying it because of the imminent v4 release.


Happy to add you to the list @CmdrSpock. :slight_smile:

Are you working on Mac or Windows?


Awesome, thanks. I’m on macOS.


Hey, @balsamiq,

Please create fake 3.5.16 version so we can update and feel happier on the long road to version 4 :rofl:


Please add me to the beta tester list for Mac users.



Will the new version allow us to use multiple fonts on a single wireframe? Right now I can only choose one font family and my only options are normal/bold/italic

Also, can I be added to the list for beta review?
I have both a pc and mac (but I prefer the pc)



Hi @Marmelaki,

While we have no firm plan about adding this feature for now, I’ve added your vote for multiple fonts and we’ll continue to prioritize the request.

I’ve also added your email address to the waiting list for the Windows beta version, thanks for sharing your interest! :slight_smile:


Hi. I’ve been using Balsamiq Mockup desktop for quite time now. I’d like to be enlisted to the beta list for both mac and windows.
Thanks in advance.


Hi @Virgin,

Please add me to the list for beta testing v4 for Mac users.