Mockups 4, when is it coming?


Balsamiq Cloud introduces some great new features, as detailed here, but you’re right in saying that the mobile experience won’t be optimal until then.

We’ll be here if you have any further questions, my firend.


Big fan of Balsamiq here, been using your product for years. Super stoked about Balsamiq Wireframes! I have two questions about the macOS version.

  1. Do you have a timeframe of the release?
  2. Can I use my Balsamiq 3 license for this version?
  3. If not, will you offer a lifetime license?

Padraig McKee


Hi @paddy_mckee and thanks for getting in touch.

  1. We are hoping for a release in 2018, as mentioned here. Happy to add your email to the waiting list for trying out the beta version when it’s ready if you’d like! :wink:
  2. No, because Balsamiq Wireframes for Desktop will be a major-version update, as detailed on this page.
  3. We don’t know all the details yet but it will likely be the same one-fee license model indeed.

Hope this helps! For any licensing questions, feel free to reach us directly at


@Virgin, please add me to the waiting list, too )


Sure thing, @Alexey_Kolchenko.

Quick question: you’re a Windows user, right?
Making sure I’m adding your email to the correct list! :slight_smile:


Thank you, @Virgin! Yes, I’m a Windows user :grinning: