Mockups 4, when is it coming?


Windows, @Virgin.


Added, @gmc.sign!

Canvas size to small - limited by Adobe Air



I’d be very interested in being on the beta of v4 for Mac, if you’re still taking people.


Hi @timsu,

I have added you to the list!


Hi, can I please get added to the list? Windows user. Thanks!


You’re on the list @ayushs! :slight_smile:


@Virgin Hi, can you please add me to the list as well? I’m on Windows. Thanks in advance!


Sure thing, thanks @mtaki14!


Can you please add me as well? For Mac. Thank you :slight_smile:


I’d love to be on the beta wait list as well!


You’re added @phonk!

@wichase, are you a macOS or Windows user? Let me know and I’ll get you added.




You’re added to the list @wichase!


There’s a Beta waitlist! - Sign me up! I’m super excited to see where you guys are going with a native platform app.

  • OSX
  • Sierra
  • Multiple monitors RegPPI & HiDPI (looking for a fix since Adobe Air is gone! :expressionless:)