Mockups 4, when is it coming?


You’re both on the list, @jeef3 and @Niklas. We’ll be in touch!


Putting my hand up to be added to the list as well please! :slight_smile:

Ninja edit: windows user here.


Added @astutecat


Hey guys, would love to be on the beta as well. I’m on macOS. Thanks!


Added @Gregmk! :slight_smile:


Hello! I am looking forward to the release of Wireframes! Could you put my name on the macOS beta list? Cheers!


Yep! Done and done.


Please add me to macOS beta list too thank you


Please add me to the macOS beta list. Thanks!!!


Happy user of BM, would be very interested in testing out your beta of BM4 (Windows 7, 32 bit, multiple monitors, focus on i18n aspect).

Kindly request consideration for the Windows list :slight_smile:


Thanks for your interest, friends! You’re all on the list. :slight_smile:


Please add my to the beta list as well. MacOS High Sierra.



Count me in too for the Windows beta, please!


Sign me up for the macOS beta please :slight_smile:


Please add me to the list for the Windows version of the Mockups 4 beta.
Thank you!


Hey, please add me to the list for the Windows beta!


Please beta me for mac OS. Version 3 ist getting slower and slower - I need improvement :slight_smile:


Is there are any news on Wireframes for windows beta release date?:slight_smile: Winter is coming


Hi @gmc.sign and thanks for checking on this!

We’ve started the beta phase but we’re adding people incrementally so that we can fix bugs along the way. We’ll get in touch soon! :slight_smile:


Please add me to the mac OS beta list, thank you.