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If a project contains many mockups, a list of these mockups is shown in balsamique. They will be situated on the left of the balsamique screen. They are either shown in listed mode or thumbnails mode.

I want to colour one mockup of this list in Balsamique (thumbnails mode). So that i could notice it in the long list of many other mockups. How can i do that please?
Thanks in advance for your reponse.



Hi @Ines_Guerbaa,

Thanks for the post. This is an interesting issue and not something I’ve been asked before. Unfortunately, there’s no way to color, or otherwise highlight, wireframes in the Navigator panel on the left hand side when in ‘Thumbnail’ mode.

I do have a couple of ideas that might help you better navigate that list:
Use our hierarchy feature to manage the list. Child wireframes can be indented and you can also collapse and expand sections, hiding or showing child wireframes to make the list easier to navigate:


You can read about the hierarchy feature here: Using Mockup Hierarchy

Another Idea I had was to just draw a large colored rectangle over the wireframe you wish to highlight and color that - it’s a single control so it’s easily added and removed and, because the thumbnails reflect the actual wireframes, the color will appear in the Navigator like this:

Sorry to not have a better answer @Ines_Guerbaa but I hope one of these workarounds might work for you?

All the best and happy wireframing!


As a tiny addon to the @alasdair answer, you can lock the huge green rectangle (CTRL+2) to make it non-responsive to mouse interaction during the design.

It saves your nerves from some annoying moments while designing )


@alasdair : Thank you for your help. The coloured rectangle is a very good idea.
@Alexey_Kolchenko : Thanks