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Mockups for mobile applications


Dear balsamiq team,

I want to purchase your product, I have reviewed your online demo version. I will use your product to prepare wireframes for mobile applications: I have found the iPhone screens and I have found Galaxy S4 screens but as you know currently in the market, we have Galaxy S7 so I can’t present to my client wireframes with Samsung S4.
When are you planning to add the Galaxy S7 prototypes to the availables mockups?

Thank you.



Hey @fadyuser,

More detailed Android controls are coming, including a control based on the Galaxy series of phones. (It will be more up-to-date than the S4 control on Mockups to Go.)

We have been trickling these new controls into releases as they become ready, and we are hoping to get the rest into the next major point release of Mockups.

I’m sorry for any trouble this causes you in the interim, but it won’t be a problem for much longer! :slight_smile: