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Mockups slow down


I use B-for desctop version 3.5.16 and Abobe Air Player version
For one case I need to draw 4 mockups on the one page. Each my mockup include up 3 to 6 DataGrid.
Recently I found that my page is Slow down up 2 to 10 seconds every time.

I reduced number of DataGrid to one for each mockup and as the result - page become work faster.
Is the reason for Slow down in large numbers DataGrid on the page?


Hi @rtse and thanks for getting in touch!

You guessed it right. The Data Grid is by far our most complex control and tends to generate some performance issues when being used extensively.

That being said, improving the control is definitely something we want to look at. Right now, we’re mainly focused on our upcoming major Desktop version (native) but it’s on our list for when we get back to implementing new features.

Please let us know if you need anything else, we’re here to help!


Thanks for your help, the issue is resolved (sorry for my English).

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