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Mockups with unsaved changes don't show the *


The mockups in the Mockups sidewall don’t show the * when there are unsaved changes. Appears to be a bug.


Hi again @kemch,

Did you recently update from a previous version (2.x) of our little tool maybe?

We actually removed this * to signify unsaved changes since we introduced the autosave feature in version 3.x, as detailed here

Also we recently added (in version 3.2.2) a new backup mechanism to help avoiding any data corruption too:

Please let us know if you need further information, we’re always happy to help! :smile:


I see. I think I prefer the old save feature so I can revert changes / see which mockups I’ve edited in a session. I like it better for Dropbox synching too, not having it sync a file constantly.

Auto-save would be great as an optional user preference!


Thanks for the feedback @kemch, we are still working on making auto-save awesome. Our thread discussing it is here if needed: