Modifier key for resizing about centre


Is it possible to resize an object about its centre, e.g. by holding a modifier key? This is so common in other software that I assume it must be there somewhere, I just can’t figure out what the modifier key combination is and can’t find it in the docs.



@richardl I don’t believe there is a resize from center option in Balsamiq - at least there isn’t in the desktop app. You can constrain the aspect ratio by holding the SHIFT key but that’s all.

Plus one for it though as it would be a useful addition. I’d recommend the ALT key which is what Photoshop and most other graphics programs I’ve worked with use. So you end up with:

  • SHIFT+drag - maintain aspect ratio
  • ALT+drag - resize from center
  • SHIFT+ALT+drag - maintain aspect ratio & resize from center.



Thanks, friends! I’m adding your votes for that one.

If others would find it useful, please let us know as well!