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Modifying line spacing and color of text block


Is there a way to modify the line spacing, color and thickness of the the text block widget? Also can the line length be randomized. If not, can you consider adding it in next upgrade?


What do you mean with “line spacing color” and text block widget?
The block of text can be resized, the thickness of the text area border is not editable.


sorry. it should read “line spacing, color and thickness” Corrected in my post

:slight_smile: typing without my glasses on

Probably also add justification ( left , right, center etc) to the block of text


I don’t think this is possible. The “block of text” is imho just kind of a special image. If you need real text, you can change at least the color and alignment. (btw. typing "lorem " in the text will autocomplete the ipsum… stuff)


Hey @bkdimri

While the Block of Text doesn’t support much customization (we envisioned it as a placeholder) it’s definitely something we can talk about. :slight_smile: Thanks for the suggestions.

And thanks to @heringsfilet for the assist!


thanks @heringsfilet and @Brendan
I have attached an image to make it more clearer



Thanks @bkdimri.

While it may not be a great workaround, you can overlay a semi-transparent, white rectangle over the block to give it that more grey color.

Hopefully that helps a little bit! We will talk about this. :slight_smile: