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More Control of Pie Charts


We use pie charts all the time (I work at Fidelity Investments) and most of the time we need to show more than just 2 pie slices. That said, it would be awesome if we could add/remove pie slices and control each slice’s size. I have some ideas for how I would do the UI for this so if you think you would consider adding this feature let me know and I’ll draw it up for you.

Thank you,



Hey Larry, thanks for the idea. This is not something that we are planning on tackling at this point. Our charts are just placeholders to show “a chart will go here.” If you need an actual chart, it’s best to import it as an image. You can read more about images here, just in case: Thanks!


I will second this request.

In ten years as a UX Architect, there has not been a project (or maybe there was ONE) where a pie chart was not necessary.

I would not need precision, but some basic data entry with the chart drawing the segments out for me would be damn useful!! Please guys. Creating separate images in excel, taking screenshots and importing them are a royal pain in the …



Hi @eurydice13,

Thanks for detailing your need for this.

While our charts are meant to be used mainly as placeholders (as Ben said above), I can totally understand that it would improve your workflow by reducing the steps needed. I’ve added your vote for this in our internal tracker, it will help us to prioritize this request.

In the meantime and as a workaround for now, you could use some arrow control(s) to demonstrate more segments if needed:

This may not be precise enough for your use, but I thought I’d mention it in case it helps to ease the pain. :slight_smile:


I also vote for a pie with ability to select a number of slices and their sizes.


Me to please! My stakeholders need some more imagination support ^^


Just spent almost an hour fighting with pie-chart makers to find a good one, and it still looks like $%*@.

I’m ending up going with a gauge instead, but would really love to have better support for pie charts. Even just changing the color of the one slice would make a huge difference.


Despite telling developers that I had no control over how pie charts appear in these specs, and that they should use simple/modern looking Google pie charts, they wasted a fair bit of time building pie charts to look exactly like the icon that comes with Balsamiq, and all in the same blue colour I had used… I wasn’t too pleased. So another +1 for this feature from me. :slight_smile: