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More Failing to Save


I’m titling this the same as another post but I think this is caused by different issues.

I’ve lost lots of work in Balsamiq because it didn’t save and I’m trying to figure out the pattern. Here are some situations I think might cause the data loss:

  1. Lets start with the simple one, I’ve noticed the quit and save button moves. Sometimes it is the middle of three buttons, sometimes it is the right most button of the three. Please make it consistent and place in the same place every time. Also, if the Quit without saving button is pressed, an “Are you sure?” popup would be nice.

  2. Sometimes my network connection at home goes out or restarts and Balsamiq pops up a message saying my work is saved. I’m not sure if it really saves but it might be worth testing that situation out. When my home network fails, I also have to VPN in so that may be a cause as well.

  3. I may also be picking up the old wireframe data if click the “Edit” button (to re-edit) before it is finished generating the new image of the wireframe. Sometimes it takes 30 seconds to rebuild the new image. Sometimes it take 3 seconds. Sometimes I have to press F5 to refresh the page to pull in an updated image.

Thanks for looking into this.



Hey @jlehew, I’m very sorry that myBalsamiq losing your data. That’s something we take very seriously, and want to figure out what’s happening ASAP.

Would you mind if I sent you an email to the email in your profile? That way we can get some more information, and start digging into this.


Sure, send a private message if you like.