More Icons Related to Games


Hi! I tried Balsamiq, and I have to say I’m impressed. It’s an amazing software.

I’m facing a small issue. I’m a game designer & I creating UI/UX designs for my team is one of my work designations. I’m looking forward to using balsamiq. But it appears there aren’t many icons present when it comes to games. For example, a leaderboard.

Is it possible to create more icons related to games? Or is it possible to add my own icons into balsamiq?



Hey @JoAndRoPo :slight_smile:

Games are close to a lot of our hearts, so I’m really happy that you’re digging the app!

You can absolutely import your own icons into our apps. Any images you import will become icons automatically.

As for controls (like a leaderboard), it should be easy to whip something together using Rectangles and Line controls. If you tell me a bit more about the kind of leaderboard you’re trying to replicate (or an example from another game), I might be able to help.


Hi! Thanks for replying.

I found out how to import icons into the app. Just what I was looking for.

Thanks a lot! Cheers!