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More project-wide default settings

It would be useful with more project-wide default settings such as font color, label styling, default icon size + color, arrow styling etc.

Thanks for the suggestion, @Andreas_Ibsen. We’ll talk about adding some options in the Project Information panel.

Don’t hesitate to share any other idea you may have with us, thanks again!

I also posted this one many moons ago.

Since the files are probably based on XML, it would be totally logical to allow user to right-click on any object type and select “make default”. From there, any of the same type is just like default.

And if at any point desired, another point “reset default” would allow to have objects just like Balsamiq made them.

I maintain a software myself with objects, we implemented such option 10 years ago. Customers can choose to add in their own default object style, or with our settings.

I spend, probably like many others, 5-10% of my Balsamiq time changing your default style settings on new objects.

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