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Mouse pointer icon missing


I just wanted to illustrate a hover interaction. In the new icon set I am missing a icon for a mouse pointer… Please add it back.


Agreed. I use the mouse pointer icon all the time to show interactions. (Eg. to show clicking a dropdown or showing a tooltip). I didn’t realize it was missing since I’m only using the B3 for a few projects, but I would be lost without it.

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With our move to the Font Awesome icons, we gained about twice as many icons as we had before, but some of the ones that we had previously are not in there. Our plan moving forward is for us (and hopefully you all as well!) to follow the Font Awesome guidelines for requesting new icons:

We still support custom icons, so at the very least, you could import some icons for cursors. We’re going to keep investigating and thinking of the best thing to do here. Thanks for your thoughts!

I love the inclusion of the font-awesome icons!

I feel like for the mouse-pointer however, it might be quite hard to get it to be included in font-awesome. It’s hard to make a good case towards to include a mouse pointer in an icon set. I cannot think or any use case right now.

So maybe this here might be just the exception to the rule. As it’s something that makes a lot of sense for a mockup tool (to describe interactions, especially for hover) but not really for any applications.

Looks like I am wrong. Lots of people already requested it on Github:

Its among the top 20 requested icons. So good chance it should arrive in the future. It’s tagged for Version 5.


I also need this, as well as a hand-grab and a few other classic windows toolbar type icons.

As a stop-gap, how about providing the old icon set as convenient image files which we can download and install as custom icons?

You can find our old icons here:

I just started converting my mockups and this was the first issue I run into. Nobody recognizes the new icon as a mouse pointer. Any plans for this…? Thanks!

And the export icon is missing as well. It is available in Mockups 2, missing in Mockups 3.

But why tie your horse entirely to the whims of Font Awesome? It is a great set of icons, no doubt, but if Balsamiq Mockups customers ever need something that they don’t see the need for, we’re left with workarounds.

Couldn’t we have Mockups specific icons in addition to the Font Awesome set?

Unfortunately, that is going to be the case with any icon set, in-house included: a customer is going to need an icon that isn’t built in. They can add them, of course, ( ) but it’s good to have a solid base that is updated regularly.

By using the Font Awesome set, we know we will get a ton of great icons that we don’t have to build ourselves. That frees up our designers to work on implementing new features.

You can also request and vote on icons to add to Font Awesome through their Github portal ( )

It’s a give and take, for sure, but with the Font Awesome set, we feel like the benefits far outweigh the negatives.

That request for Font Awesome to add a cursor icon goes back to May 2013, more than two years have passed and 93 people have asked for it (and how many more haven’t even commented!?). It’s not in Font Awesome’s interest to add it. Me adding a +1 isn’t going to make any difference.

Balsamiq Mockups and Font Awesome have different goals.

So we have a Pied Piper logo – what, you’ve never heard of Pied Piper?

But we don’t get a mouse cursor? I wanted a mouse cursor to indicate an interaction, Font Awesome want to add more social networking icons (what’s this months Dribbble?).

This should not have to be hacked on – of course you can’t include everything that everyone is after, I get that, but not including a mouse cursor?

Include the FA set and some additional icons.

I’m really, really disappointed.

@neeklamy, don’t be sad, you bring up very good points. Let me talk to the FontAwesome guy and see what we can do to help speed it up. Otherwise, we’ll think of something. In the meantime, you can import any mouse pointer icon you wish as a custom icon:

@peldi The more I think about it and the longer this goes on, the sillier it feels that Balsamiq does not include this.

Of course you can debate the icons and what to include. But the mouse pointer? For an icon set this has no priority but for a mockup tool?

This is so central I should not have to import an icon to indicate an interaction with the mouse.

@peldi: if you read the balsamiq vision. Does this decision not completely contradict it? How can it be an appriopriate strategy to say for Balsamiq it is more important to only use this one (however awesome) icon set insteaad if making this one exception.

cheers, Roland

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@Roland_Studer, of course we need a pointer icon. :smile: I just want to have the new icons be in FontAwesome so that everyone wins, not just Balsamiq. I didn’t realize the pointer arrow request was from 2013, that’s my bad.

I’m now working with Dave to see if it can be included in the next set. He’s a fan of Balsamiq and I’m sure he also wants everyone to win. :smile:

Hang tight, I’ll keep you posted.

Some of the new icons are nice, that’s true. But never, never ever remove features you already implemented with earlier versions. Icons are part of the very nice features you provide with Mockups!

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Hi everyone,

Thanks again for the reports. We just released our latest version (3.1.8) including 66 new icons with FontAwesome 4.4! That includes of course the Mouse pointer icon!

You can get the new version (3.1.8) here:

And the complete release notes are here:


Thanks for listening.


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