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Move wireframe "within" a Project

I’m running into an issue. Appreciate if anyone in community has experienced the same, and found a solution to share the same.

In my project there are about 260 wireframes. At times I need to move wireframe up or down in Navigator. However, the moment I select a wireframe and start moving it up or down it scrolls fast and takes a quite a bit of time and effort to place it at desired position. Have tried Thumbnail grid as well but it’s not easy there either. Has anyone faced the same? If so, appreciate if you can share the solution.

Using Balsamiq Wireframes v4 Desktop App (macOS)

I checked community and there are existing topics to move wireframe from project to project. Couldn’t find a topic for “within” a project.

Thanks in advance for help.

What about switching to list view instead of thumbnails or grid?

Thanks Alexey.

I missed to mention in my original post - I’m using the List View, and facing issue with the same.

Hi @vbansal and sorry for the hassle.

I’ve just checked and I’m able to “control” the speed by moving the related wireframe to different positions in my Navigator.

Are you using the latest version (4.0.29), available here?

Please send us an email to if the issue persists and we’ll have a look together!

Thanks Virgin.

Downloaded v4.0.29 and indeed I’m able to control the speed. This saves lot of time.

Many thanks for the reply, and building such a great product!

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