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Moving between workspaces in Balsamiq without having to use the menu

I’m using the trial in Balsamiq. I must be missing something obvious but since googling didn’t answer my question I’ll try here instead.

Is there a way to in the interface click on something to move between the symbols page and the wireframe page? The way I’ve found is to either:

  • use the menu > View
  • click on symbol > edit symbol source

I’m guessing there is an easier way to move between the spaces? I.e. hotkeys or something to click on?

Hi @Alva,

Thanks so much for the post. While we don’t have a shortcut key for every view (Wireframes, Assets, Symbols and Trash) we do have a single shortcut key to get you from Assets, Symbols or Trash back to Wireframes:

  • macOS: +SHIFT+M
  • Windows: CONTROL+SHIFT+M

Hopefully that lets you navigate a little faster?

I found that - thank you for the reply! Maybe maybe in the future we’ll get more navigation options. If nothing else - maybe just to navigate from A-B-C-D with the same hotkey (similar to XD) or given shortkeys / navigation icons to each of A, B, C, D workspace.

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