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Moving symbols between libraries within a project should not break links on mockups


Frustrating symbol behavior:

I have a large file with lots of symbols and many mockups pages. I have a team that is working on this. They are not as organized as they should be, so I am cleaning up the file and organizing symbols into more specific libraries.

When I click on the symbols I want in the library, they are not showing their selections on the left panel. So I cut the symbols, create a new library, and paste the symbols into the new library. Then I order them better on the page and make some other small improvements / adjustments.

Then I go back to the mockup expecting to see my improvements, only be now see a bunch of broken links on 30 pages…

Symbols libraries are an organizing concept. They need to be flexible enough to support organizing without breaking connections to the mockup.

If know that if I select the symbols on the left hand panel and click new library the symbols links remain. The problem is that relies on me knowing all their names and no errors in naming convention.

If selecting on the canvas then also selected on the left panel this work solve the problem.


If selecting on the canvas then allowed you to drag to a different library that would also solve this.


If selecting on the canvas and then Right Click - Add to New Symbol library, - or - Move to (list of symbol libraries)

Any of those would be viable solutions.

As it is now, I don’t have any good solution to do this…


Hi @Julian_Whitaker and thanks for sharing all those details.

Here are a couple of tips that will probably help with your workflow:

  • You can actually double-click on any symbol to “enter” it and make it selected in the left panel.

  • You can move any symbol from one library to the other by dragging it from the left panel.

Hopefully, this should solve your issue but please let us know if you need anything else. :slight_smile:


Thanks for that. That can certainly help.