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Moving wireframe from project to project


Is downloading and uploading the wireframes the only way to move them form one project to another? Seems like this can be supported through a multi-select and a dialog asking for destination project. Or, am I missing an obvious way to move easily?


Moving wireframes between projects

Hey again, Aras :slight_smile:

An easier way may be to use Project > Export Mockup XML in the source mockup. Then you can create a new mockup in the destination project and select Project > Import Mockup XML.

I’m going to talk to the team and see if we can do something like you suggested for the new version of myBalsamiq. It makes sense to me!

Thanks again for taking the time to post, Aras. Keep the ideas coming!


Hi Brendan,
Those are two ways to handle a single file. I do like export/import since it allows me to bring together two mockups by exporting two times and importing into a new wireframe.

What I suggested would help to deal with situations when projects get re-organized and we are having to suddenly move wireframes. It may not happen much, but when it does happen…anything you can do to mass move would be time saving. Also, if you are able to move ‘project assets’ also from the old to new project behind the scene would be awesome :slight_smile:

Thanks for listening.



Gotcha, Aras. I like the idea of “Send to” in a context menu, and then listing the projects you have access to.

It will be a good discussion.



btw…on the “Export Mockup (xml)” action…could that action be exposed in read only view of mockup. Right now, I am having to enter EDIT mode to export the mockup (xml). Let me know if you want this to be submitted as a separate topic.



Thanks, Aras.

Exporting is going to work a little differently in the new version (more like our Mockups 3 for Desktop exports), and XML is going to be retired in favor of JSON.

I think project management, in general, is going to be a lot better in the new version!


Great! Actually what I would prefer in myBalsamiq is…being able to just copy and paste from anywhere to anywhere (across projects). Sometimes, this is comes naturally than to think of whether something is a project or site asset. I promise I will stop my tangential requests…on this thread :slight_smile:


No, it’s absolutely fine, Aras. We love stuff like this.

We are hoping we can do copy paste across projects with the new version. Right now we are limited to Flash’s copy/paste rules. We will see if it’s possible in the native editor.