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Multiple BMPR files



I suspect I’m missing something fairly obvious but a cursory search of the documentation and forums has yielded no solution.

As I’m working on a mockup, I seem to be ending up with multiple versions of the BMPR file in the project folder, as you can see on the attached screenshot.

The top highlighted file is the actual file I (think) am working on but after closing the application,I end up with several.

What am I missing?



Sorry about that, @Danny_McGrath.

Are you saving to a networked drive or folder? Things like OneDrive and Dropbox love to save a new version of a file if they cannot sync the existing version.

We are hoping this is fixed in an upcoming version of Mockups that allows autosave to be disabled.

If this is stored locally, however, let us know, and we will dig deeper!


Yes, @Brendan, I’m saving mock-ups to OneDrive for Business so I guess it’s the sync agent that’s fouling the folder up.

I presume I’m safe to bin-off the additional files?



I just installed the latest beta so hopefully that will help.

If anything funky occurs I’ll post in the beta thread.


Sounds good, Danny.

Before trashing the other files, I would make sure that your main file is up-to-date.

Let us know if you see any weirdness with the beta :slight_smile: