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Multiple PDF's when selecting multiple Mockups


Is there a way to select 50 Mockups for printing and have each one be it’s own PDF?



As long as all the mockups are in the same project, Michael, you should be able to export all of them through the PDF export. Make sure that “All Mockups” is selected in the export Window:

If they are in different projects, you will have to drag them all into the same project. You can do this by selecting the mockup in the navigator and then simply dragging it to the other project. I’d be happy to give you a hand with that, if you would like.

Let me know how we can help, Michael!


I did EXACTLY as you specified in your example; selected all the same options and I got one PDF with 82 pages.



It’s because I’m a fool and read your initial post wrong. That’s two for two this week! I’m sorry, Mike!

Unfortunately, there isn’t a super easy way to do what you are looking to do. You would have to export each one individually. I’m really sorry about that.

But again, if you’d like assistance with that, I’m happy to help. Seems like a lot of work for one person, so feel free to share the load if you’re comfortable with it. :slight_smile:


Well I’m not doing THAT because I have to keep navigating to the saved location!

When I have a few hours to kill, I’ll export each of the 82 individually…lol :smile:

Have a great weekend
I’m out of here…


I’m here if you need help, buddy :slight_smile:

Enjoy your weekend!