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My Balsamiq bpmr file just grows and grows


I have a bpmr file that is about 4 MG in size and I just deleted almost half the mockups - including emptying the trash, but it hasn’t shrunk at all. As it is, it takes close to five minutes just to open. Is there anything I can do?


Hmm, sorry for the trouble @webb9447. I would guess that you have a lot of assets or maybe symbols? Usually assets like images or custom icons are the primary cause of large file sizes.

We’re happy to take a look at it and help you figure out why it’s so big. Just send it over to We keep your data in the strictest confidence and only long enough to verify the software is working properly. Thanks!


I suspect you are right about the number of assets being the issue. Thanks.


Hi Ben,

I deleted a bunch of pages, symbols and assets and the size of the file has not changed. Is there some way to compress it? I can email you the files(before and after) but they are both approaching 4 mg so I want to make sure your mail system can handle it.

Mostly I am concerned about the memory that Balsamiq Mockups is taking up. I just had to shut it down and restart because it had reached my windows 32-bit limit of about 1.5 Meg per application and became unresponsive. I suspect memory leaks as the amount continues to grow as I work with the app, but I am not an expert here.



Sorry for the trouble, Andy. We would love to take a look at your files. Our email system can definitely handle that size. Please send them to Thanks!


Hi Ben,

First of all Balsamiq 3 is a great improvement!! Loving it!!

I am seeing the same issue with my bumper files only growing larger and not shrinking as assets, symbols, and mockups are removed. This is a hassle when I duplicate a project file to start a new project and remove many symbols and mockups and the file size does not decrease in the new project.

A cumbersome way to compress the new project file is to export it as as a BMML zip and then re-import it into an empty bumper file. However, this method loses all the notes entered in Balsamiq 3 bumper file. Any suggestions how to compress or export/import and not lose the notes (or mockup order)?

Thank you for all your help Ben,



Hey Michael, sorry for the trouble. There is not a way to keep the notes and order, unfortunately. Those are feature that either didn’t exist, or were handled in a completely different way that can’t be done via export.

We’ll definitely look at the root problem though and try to figure out why the files are growing. Thanks!


Hi everybody,

The new version (3.1.3) now removes allocated disc space when you empty the trash.
You can get the latest version here:

Here are the complete release notes:


File sizes are really growing fast these days! One of my latest mockup files now has reached a size of 74 MB!
My observation is that mockup files that include external images tend to be very large. In balsamiq 2, files were very small - bmml was just plain text and external images were neatly stored in their original format in the assest folder. With the new format, I suspect that every image is internally transformed and stored as a bitmap image. This also used to be a problem in earlier Word and PowerPoint versions a couple of years ago.
With today’s storage capacities this is not really a severe issue, but it makes quick sharing of mockup files via email a little bit cumbersome, and it’s not really elegant to use up so much space.

Other than that, thanks for a great product and keep up the good work!