My .BMPR File Got Corrupted


I am using Balsamiq desktop version since 12 days as I am working on very important project. Just all of a sudden, it shows me that file got corrupted and tried to resolve it but it didn’t.

Please resolve this issue ASAP and atleast send me the wireframes so that atleast I can get the wireframes that I did.

I have sent an email to

Please revert back, it’s so important.


Lora Rumata Samosir

Hi @Lora_Rumata_Samosir

We also got your email - thank you. As we often discuss personal information in a case like this, we’ve responded to your email directly, rather than here.

If anybody reading has issues with a corrupt project file, there’s some useful help here: Backups and The Support Folder; Restoring Backups

But, of course, feel free to contact us directly at any time.