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My macro won't display in Confluence but the bmpr is attached to the page


I edit a Confluence (Cloud) page and insert the ‘Balsamiq Mockups’ macro, build my mockup and save it. I save the changes to my Confluence, and if I check my attachments I see the BMPR file is attached. However, the macro doesn’t display and it looks as though nothing were inserted. The work isn’t lost, if I try to add the macro again I can edit the same project, but it doesn’t display in the page.

Is there something I need to do to enable the macro? Maybe something in the Confluence settings?


Huh, @kdgreenough, that’s a weird one. I’m sorry about that.

Would you mind shooting us an email at so that we can troubleshoot this further? If you can include a normal screenshot of the Confluence page, and the page in edit mode, that will help a lot too.

Sorry for the hassle. We will figure out what’s going on.


We have the same exact issue. When I save the mockups a lot of images are generated and then the preview is not working anymore. Any clue?