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My new project hasn't saved

I have used Balsamiq cloud at previous companies but today created a new project in the Balsamiq Mockups 3 desktop application for the first time.

I named my new project by clicking on the project name at the top left of the screen, underneath the title bar and renamed it successfully. I also noted that 'Auto save every change" was checked in the ‘Project’ menu, so I had no worries about losing my project.

I then opened a new project to import a mockup to my project, dragged it into mine successfully and then closed my colleague’s project, saying I didn’t want to save any changes I may have accidentally made to his project; however, I think it may have closed the wrong project and my project is now not saved! I’ve checked the local store folder and it isn’t there, under UnsavedProjects, LocalProjects, or anywhere else.

Looking at the Projects menu again, I see a ‘Save Project as…’ option. Should i have selected this before closing my new project? I thought that renaming it and having the ‘Auto save every change’ feature enabled should have been sufficient. If not, this is a serious design flaw.

I now have to re-do all my mock ups and am not very happy!

Has anyone else experienced this or know where my project may have gone?

Hi @Danielle_Downs and welcome to the forums.

Thanks for the post and sorry for the scare here - data loss is absolutely the last thing we want. Indeed, that’s why we built-in a backup mechanism to the app to try to make sure that, even if projects aren’t explicitly saved, there’s still a chance to retain them when quitting the app.

It’s hard to be 100% sure what happened here - I ran through the steps you detailed and was not able to work out what happened.

That being said, I think the most likely scenario is that the “Do you want to save changes to this new project?” referred to your own project indeed. At that point, choosing “Don’t save” gives confirmation to the application that this project should be deleted (even from the local store folder).

I’m not able to confirm this for sure because everything happened locally on your machine but again, most likely scenario.

I’d encourage you to check the localstore folder one more time and explicitly open every .BMPR file in both the “UnsavedProjects” and “LocalProjects” folders to be 100% sure that your mockups aren’t saved in one of those files (they’ll have odd names like “1568597037404.bmpr”).

If that comes up blank, then try searching your whole hard drive (using macOS Finder or Windows File Manager) for any and all files named *.bmpr. It’s a bit of a long-shot I am afraid but it’s possible you saved the file to an unknown location.

If you can’t find the project that way then it pains me greatly to say that the work is lost.

By any chance did you have a PDF or PNG export of the mockups? If so, I’d be happy to help you recreate your project using those as a reference.

I hate to not have a better answer for you Danielle. Please review and get back to me - we’ll do what we can to help.

Hi Alasdair

I checked those folders and the work wasn’t there and I’m afraid I don’t have PDF or PNG versions. I am a bit surprised that, despite auto-save being active and there being back-up folders for unsaved work, projects can still be totally deleted - it seems to defeat the purpose of the other features!

When auto-save is enabled on MS Office applications, there is no “do you want to save” dialogue box on close because all changes are automatically saved. If you do want to revert changes, you can do so by returning to a previous version. Is there any plans to change the behaviour of Balsamiq?


I’m sorry to hear that, @Danielle_Downs.

About the autosave feature: you’re right, it would indeed go against the purpose of autosaving to ask each time you close the app but we only do it the first time you close that project, to make sure that it is one you’d like to keep working on and not just a draft.

Once a project is saved one time, all the changes are automatically saved moving forward.

In our upcoming major Desktop version (native), we will make it even more explicit by using “Delete Project” instead of “Don’t save”.

Please let us know if we can do anything else for you, Danielle.