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Mybalsamiq Feature Request : Clone After


“Clone After” inserts a duplicate right next to the current active mockup, instead of pushing the clone all the way at the bottom of the stack of mockups.


This is planned in our next version. We are currently working on implementing this in the Desktop app, and it will come to myBalsamiq after that. Sorry for the current hassle!


Hey @goldesigner, sorry for the confusion. I came back to this and realized that I read it wrong it wrong the first time. We actually have gotten lots of request for the clone mockup to insert the mockup directly after the original on Desktop, and I thought that’s what you were requesting. But you are requesting for it to actually come at the end. We’re not planning to do it this way at this point. Just like in PowerPoint or Keynote, usually if you clone something, it is related to the original, and you want it close so you can just start working on it right away.

Could you let us know why you’d want this changed? Thanks!


Ben, thanks for the quick response. You are not confused, you got it right the first time. I am requesting the clone mockup to insert directly after the original, but in mybalsamiq. Glad this is being pushed to the desktop version. Is there an ETA for the mybalsamiq version?


Haha, ok, sorry about that. We don’t have an ETA yet. We are working hard to bring the new version of the desktop app to myBalsamiq, and this will be included when we are able to do that. It’s on our top priorities, but we don’t know how long it will take us yet. Thanks!


Excellent, looking forward for this feature. It’s somewhat enoying that the clone appears all the way down at the bottom…




We desperately want to have the ability to have a clone added right after the cloned slide. Right now it is added at the end and we have to move it to the right spot. This is rather annoying. Any estimate of when this functionality will be available in the Web version?


Did this ever get built for MyBalsamiq? I’m new to using MyBalsamiq and it’s super annoying to clone 3-4 related screens, have them show up 40 slides below in the list at the very bottom, and then have to carefully move them one at a time to the middle and find exactly the right place to put each of them. 99.9% of the time I want the clone to appear immediately after the current screen in my project.


It’s not in the current version of myBalsamiq, @Jason_Buckingham, but it will be in the next-generation version that we are putting the finishing touches on.