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MyBalsamiq: keyboard shortcuts not working e.g. ctrl , v, multiselect


I am trying to copy and paste elements using the keyboard shortcuts ctrl+c - this isn’t working.
Also trying to multi-select items (e.g. two buttons) using ctrl-mouseclick, this no longer works either.

I am using Firefox. These functions all used to work perfectly (I haven’t used Balsamiq in about a month).


Hi @blueink,

Sorry for the snag.

I’ve just checked and copy/pasting seems to work fine on my end, as well as selecting multiple items. Both Mac OSX 10.11.4 and Win 10 work fine.

Could you please check that you are running the latest version of Firefox (45.0.1)? Some instructions here if needed.
Also, could you please check that you are using the latest Flash Player version?

Please let me know if the issue persists, we’ll dig deeper if needed!


I normally have Flash turned off - thanks for the tip. I re-enabled it and it’s all working fine as before. Not sure what caused the reset!


This error is happend again, I’m working on linux, I test it on Chrome and Firefox with the latest versions, the copy/paste just stop wotking from one day to another


Hi @Luis_Jarufe,

Thanks for the post. Can you make sure that Flash is enabled in the browser (it can sometimes get disabled during an update). Can you also clear your cache - I’ll stand by by for your response and we’ll go from there.


Quick update on this one, @Luis_Jarufe: we’ve identified a bug affecting Linux users in our latest release of Balsamiq Cloud and our dev team is working on a fix. I’ll let you know as soon as the fix is live.

Thanks for your report!


And this is now fixed in Linux as well @Luis_Jarufe! :slight_smile:


is it in production? Still doesnt work for me using ubuntu


Yes, it is @Anes_Hasic. Are you also using Balsamiq Cloud?


Just pushed another fix for this one, @Anes_Hasic.

Please let us know if you still have any issue. Thanks!